WCT-E | CURLING CHAMPIONS TOUR | Prague Grand Prix 2010 Date: Jan 28th - 31st 2010


I’m very sorry to say the Prague Grand Prix 2010 is not going to take place because of unsuccessful negotiating with Curling Promo, who takes care of the curling rink in Prague. We didn’t get the signed contract as we required which means the tournament is not going to take place this year. You can get all details on the webpage of the CCT (www.curlingchampionstour.org). We are sorry to cause you problems and thanks for your interest to play at our tournament. Best regards, Stepan Vojtus President of Organisations Commiteé

The Spirit of Curling

Prague Grand Prix 2007

Curling is a game of skill and of traditions. A shot well executed is a delight to see and so, too, it is a fine thing to observe the time-honoured traditions of curling being applied in the true spirit of the game. Curlers play to win but never to humble their opponents. A true curler would prefer to lose rather than win unfairly.

A good curler never attempts to distract an opponent or otherwise prevent him from playing his best. No curler ever deliberately breaks a rule of the game or any of its traditions. But, if he should do so inadvertently and be aware of it, he is the first to divulge the breach.

While the main object of the game of curling is to determine the relative skill of the players, the spirit of the game demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honourable conduct. This spirit should influence both the interpretation and application of the rules of the game and also the conduct of all participants on and off the Ice.

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